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Garden of Eden

Garden of Eden Publications

Publication List

by Jianwei Zhang

Predicting Phosphorus Retention In Two Haplohumult Forest Soils of Northern California

by Nichole R. Besyk

Hexazinone Effects on Soil Biota and Processes: Preliminary Findings

by Matt Busse, Nancy Rappaport and Robert Powers

Non-Target Effects of Glyphosate on Soil Microbes

by Matt Busse, Alice Ratcliff, Carol Shestak, and Robert Powers

Ectomycorrhizal  Formation In Herbicide-Treated Soils of Differing Clay and Organic Matter Content

by Matt Busse, Gary Fiddler and Alice Ratcliff

Tolerance of Soil Organisms to Herbicide Applications in Ponderosa Pine Plantations: Initial Findings

by Matt Busse, Nancy Rappaport and Robert Powers

Glyphosate Toxicity and the Effects on Long-Term Vegetation Control on Soil Microbial Communities 

by Matt Busse, Alice Ratcliff, Carol Shestak, and Robert Powers

Sample Sizes to Control Error Estimates in Determining Soil Bulk Density in California Forest Soils

by Youzhi Han, Jianwei Zhang, Kim G. Mattson, Weidong Zhang, and Thomas A. Weber

Environmental Consequences of Intensively Managed Forest Plantations in the Pacific Northwest

by John P. Hayes, Stephen H. Schoenholtz, Mitschka J. Hartley, Glen Murphy, Robert F. Powers, Dean Berg, and Steven R. Radosevich

Two Decades of Experimental Manipulation Reveal Potential for Enhanced Biomass Accumulation and Water Use Efficiency in Ponderosa Pine Plantations Across Climate Gradients

by G. C. Liles, T. M. Maxwell, L. C. R. Silva, J. W. Zhang, and W. R. Horwath

Site Quality and Intensive Early Stand Management Practices Affect Growth Dominance, Structural Complexity, and Tree Growth in Ponderosa Pine Plantations

by Christopher E. Looney, Jianwei Zhang

Plantation Management Intensity Affects Belowground Carbon and Nitrogen Storage in Northern California

by Karis J. McFarlane, Stephen H. Schoenholtz, and Robert F. Powers

Soil Organic Matter Stability in Intensively Managed Ponderosa Pine Stands in California

by Karis J. McFarlane, Stephen H. Schoenholtz, Robert F. Powers, Steven S. Perakis

Effect of Site and Silvicultural Treatment on Insect Pests and Diseases of Young Ponderosa Pine

by Daniel W. D. Norlander

The "Garden of Eden" Study Revisited. Findings at Eight Years

by Robert Powers and George Ferrell

Ten-Year Responses of Ponderosa Pine Plantations to Repeated Vegetation and Nutrient Control Along an Environmental Gradient

by Robert F. Powers and Phillip E. Reynolds

Intensive Management of Ponderosa Pine Plantations: Sustainable Productivity for the 21st Century

by Robert F. Powers and Phillip E. Reynolds

The Role of Planted Forests in a "Green Certified" Century

by Robert F. Powers

Assessing Potential Sustainable Wood Yield

by Robert F. Powers

Further Analysis From Balderston Plantation

by Robert F. Powers

World Trends in Forests, Forest Use, Wood Supply. The Irony of California Forestry. The Challenge to Our Profession.

by Robert F. Powers

Balderston Plantation Revisited: A Tale of Two Sites 25 Years After Early Treatments

by RF. Powers, D.H. Young, G.O. Fiddler and T.H. Spear

Long-Term Effects of Silviculture on Soil Carbon Storage: Does Vegetation Control Make a Difference?

by Robert F. Powers, Matt D. Busse, Karis J. McFarlane, Jianwei Zhang and David H. Young

The Garden of Eden Experiment: Four Year Growth of Ponderosa Pine Plantations

by Robert Powers, George Ferrell and Thoman Koerber

On the Sustainable Productivity of Planted Forests

by Robert F. Powers

Moisture, Nutrient and Insect Constraints on Plantation Growth in "the Garden of Eden" Study

by Robert Powers and George Ferrell

Changes in Microbial Community Structure Following Herbicide (Glyphosate) Additions to Forest Soils

by Alice W. Ratcliff, Matt D. Busse, Carol J. Shestak

Gas Exchange for Managed Ponderosa Pine Stands Positioned Along a Climate Gradient

by Phillip Reynolds and Robert Powers

3-PG Simulations of Young Ponderosa Pine Plantations Under Varied Management Intensity: Why Do They Grow So Differently?

by Liang Wei, John D. Marshall, Jianwei Zhang, Hang Zhou and Robert F. Powers

Response of Ponderosa Pine Plantations to Competing Vegetation Control in Northern California, USA: a Meta-Analysis

by Jianwei Zhang, Robert F. Powers, William W. Oliver, and David H. Young

Allometry of Tree Biomass and Carbon Partitioning in Ponderosa Pine Plantations Grown Under Diverse Conditions

by Jianwei Zhang, Gary O. Fiddler, David H. Young, Carol Shestak and Robert Carlson 

Growth Response of Ponderosa Pine to Intensive Cultural Treatments Varies with Site Quality and Plantation Age

by Jianwei Zhang, Kaelyn A. Finley, David H. Young, Gary O. Fiddler, and Christopher Looney

Reevaluating the Self-Thinning Boundary Line for Ponderosa Pine (Pinus ponderosa) Forests

by Jianwei Zhang, William W. Oliver, and Robert F. Powers

Effect of Overstorey Trees on Understorey Vegetation in California (USA) Ponderosa Pine Plantations

by Jianwei Zhang, David H. Young, William W. Oliver and Gary O. Fiddler

To Manage or Not to Manage: The Role of Silviculture in Sequestering Carbon in the Specter of Climate Change

by Jianwei Zhang, Robert Powers and Carl Skinner

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