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Past Conferences
This is a list of the themes, dates, and locations of all the past conferences
This is a list of the past dates, themes, and locations of conferences.

Past Officers and Directors who have served on the Board

Past Officers & Directors
This is a list of past board members and when they served.
This is a list of past board members and when they served.
This is a list of past board members and when they served.


January 16, 2003

Requesting Modification of the Waiver of Waste Discharge Requirements Related to Timber Harvest Activities

February 16, 2014

Establishment of the Dr. Robert F. Powers Memorial Scholarship.

January 14, 2015

Established the Reforestation Legacy Committee to oversee the effort to update the "Reforestation Practices for Conifers in California".
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Lifetime Achievement Award

Established in 1999, the recipient receives a plaque and complimentary attendance at all conferences.

Jim McHenry, UC Davis emeritus

Awarded at the 21st Annual Conference, January 2000

Jim McHenry is retired from the University of California Cooperative Extension Office, where he worked for many years at the UC Davis campus. During his long career in the UC system, he developed many of the weed management principles still used for the control of problematic vegetation in forest plantations. Among his many accomplishments, Jim has published papers on poison oak and blackberry control and identification, and the earliest published work on the control of perennial pepperweed. He also developed management practices for the control of noxious weeds. Jim has also been involved with non-crop lands and aquatic environments.

Mike Newton, Oregon State University

Awarded at the 21st Annual Conference, January 2000

Michael Newton is a professor and researcher at Oregon State University, where he has worked for the past forty years. During his career he has conducted research that has contributed to the understanding of the environmental fate of pesticides in forests. He has conducted studies on the effects of herbicides and tree harvesting on small forest vertebrates, and methods to protect water quality and stream habitat through design of stream protection zones. Michael has been influential in the development of forest pesticide-use policies. Michael has authored more than 270 publications, with research extending throughout the United States and Canada, and into Vietnam, Panama, the Philippines, Puerto Rico, and China.

Phil McDonald, USDA FS PSW, retired

Awarded at the 25th Annual Conference, January 2004

Dr. McDonald is retired from the United States Forest Service, where he worked close to 40 years in Forest Service Research. During his long career, his research increased our understanding of native California hardwood ecology and silviculture. His research in vegetation management, including numerous head-to-head comparisons of different management methods, is a valuable resource for current and future land managers. He is the author or coauthor of more than 145 publications.

Robert F. Powers, Ph.D, USDA FS PSW

Awarded posthumously at the 35th Annual Conference, January 2014

Dr. Robert F. Powers - Tribute (click to view as PDF)

Jeff Webster, Jefferson Resource Company

Awarded at the 38th Annual Conference, January 2017

Jeff Webster is a retiring registered professional forester whose career spanned over four decades.  Jeff has worked as an RPF and regeneration forester for the Jefferson Resources Company, independently as an RPF, President of Total Forestry Inc., Chief Forester for Roseburg Resources Company in California, and as a forester for Fruit Growers Supply Company.  Jeff’s influence in the forestry community has been immense.  His tireless support of research, education, and intensive forest management has been unparalleled.  Jeff’s career highlights include being responsible for reforesting the 1992 Fountain Fire, which was the largest loss of timberland to a single private forestry company in any individual fire.  Jeff was also a key catalyst in starting the Sierra Cascade Intensive Forest Management Research Cooperative.  He was also a progressive influence in promoting, implementing, and emphasizing the need for forestry research with private, state, and federal research institutions. In the forestry community, Jeff has served as a leader and mentor to many who will follow, although his passion for reforestation and forestry will be hard to match.

Gary Fiddler, Ph.D, USDA FS PSW

Awarded at the 39th Annual Conference, January 2018

Mark Gray and Len Lindstrand II

receiving the 2023 Lifetime Achievement Award.



Mark Gray receiving the 2023 Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2023 Forest Vegetation Mgmt Conference
Len Lindstrand II receiving the 2023 Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2023 Forest Vegetation Mgmt Conference

Tom Jopson

receiving the 2024 Lifetime Achievement Award.



Nichole Besyk
MS Student, Humboldt State University
Awarded $2,000

Thomas Stokely
Phd Student, Oregon State University
Awarded $2,500

Hannah Morrison
MS Student, Humboldt State University

Claudio Guevara
MS Student, Oregon State University

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